Welcome to Summer

Summer has come. It took a while, but it is here in force now. All up and down Prospect Avenue the retirees are out working in their gardens, and putting flowers into their flower boxes. The lilacs are in bloom, and the canopy of maples is shading the sidewalk in dappled light. I’ve been busy all morning getting the porch furniture from the barn out back, and hosing off the dust and cobwebs. By dinner time the awnings will be hung, and the air will smell of grills all up and down the street. Pull up a chair, can I get you a cup of coffee?

In the summer of my 40th year, it is time. Time to dust off the creaky aluminum rocking chairs, and put them back on the porch. The webbing is a little faded, but it’ll hold. It’s been a long time since I sat a while, and pondered life. So much has changed, and yet so little. Sitting here, coffee cup in hand, listening to the sounds of a lazy summer afternoon on Prospect Ave. it’s hard to believe I ever left. In some ways I guess a part of me has always been here. Well, welcome back to the rest.

This is a blog about nothing, which is to say, everything. At least the things that matter. And to be honest, a lot that doesn’t. But isn’t that what life is about anyway? We won’t be here forever. Why confine ourselves to just a few interests, when there is so much to talk about?


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