Guilty Confession #71 – I “Heart” Iowa

It’s a foggy morning here at 20 Prospect. The air out here on the porch is just juicy. Welcome to summer.

This weekend I will be heading down to Des Moines, (or as the 20 Prospect Family likes to call it; “Days-Mo-Nays”) to see the Iowa Corn Indy 250 with my son, 20 Prospect Jr. I can’t think of a better way to spend Father’s day than watching cars drive around in circles in a corn field with 40,000 other sweaty people. I will share pictures next week.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Iowa, having spent 6 months working in Burlington back in 1993. It really is a lovely state, although the northern part does have an eerie resemblance of the surface of the moon. It is a place that does not get much attention or respect. To most Americans it is one of those squarish states in the middle that starts with “I” and has a lot of farms. And if you drove through it on your way from Chicago to Denver, that might be all you remembered about it. But if you spend a little time there, you come to appreciate the beauty of the place, and the sincerity of the people who live there. I find it funny, but about half of the friends I have made in MN over the last 15 years are Iowans. At the risk of making a sweeping generalization about a group of people (not that anyone would ever do such things on the Internet) I have to say they are good folks down there. And as any Iowan would tell you, that is high praise indeed.


One thought on “Guilty Confession #71 – I “Heart” Iowa

  1. And a few natives, myself included, couldn’t agree more. If you want to see “Minnesota nice” – find the origin south of here.

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