Chasing Squirrels

Another early morning here on the porch. The indomitable Moxie had me up early so she could patrol the backyard for birds, squirrels, fox, bunnies, racoons, wild turkeys or any other fauna that happened to pay a visit to 20 Prospect last night. I have never seen a dog so agitated over the presence of other animals on her turf. God bless her, but sometimes her pointless barking at squirrels is enough to drive me over the edge. Still, I can’t fault her for it. She is a dog after all, and I believe it’s part of the job description. Plus, I’ve been known to bark at a few squirrels in my time, (metaphorically, not literally) so I understand the compulsion to waste energy and time on pointless, seemingly unproductive pursuits, purely for principle.

Public Enemy #1

Public Enemy #1

Woof, woof.

The big news this week in my life is that one of my paper proposals has been accepted. I will be presenting at the 16th Annual International Conference Promoting Business Ethics in Niagara Falls, NY in late October. I am thrilled, and humbled, and a bit terrified. Honestly, this was my first attempt at submitting an abstract for consideration without already having the paper written. So I will be busy in the next 6 weeks pulling a paper together. Following the conference the papers will be submitted to the Journal of Business Ethics to be reviewed for publication. Now that would be big time. We’re talking moving up from squirrels to larger mammals with that one. Woof, woof!

In the mean time I’m still waiting to hear back on 2 other article submissions, so wish me luck as I continue to try to build a CV that will help me with my long term transition from faceless cog in the corporate machine, to disillusioned academic in the diploma mills.

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