Requiem for a Bicycle

A sign from the laws of physics that I have gotten too fat?

A sign from the laws of physics that I have gotten too fat...

Good bye old friend, trusted steed, fighter jet, etc…  We had some good rides together over the years. Sniff, sniff…

not good...

and the aluminum too old...

The funny thing about Road Bikes is the more they cost, the less you get. Sure, they get lighter, and “higher tech” as the price increases, but they also push the margins of the engineering closer, and closer to the limit. We live in a broken world. Engineering is just the efforts of man to use the forces of nature in a way that was not naturally intended, to hold back the forces of decay and death. And so we melt rocks and minerals in the furnaces of hell, to create alloys that can be put to our purposes in a way that natural materials cannot. Thus man invents steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber, and creates lithe machines capable of carrying a 180 lb man over a mountain and down the other side using the forces of gravity to reach speeds that our nature alone will not allow. Until one day, when climbing a hill the forces of decay and death overcome the fatigue strength of the man made material, and a crack appears that quickly propagtes into a failure.

And this is how a plane falls out of a sky, or a bridge collapses, or a bike breaks. Then man stands there cursing man for his inability to overcome death and decay, and forces beyond his ultimate understanding or control.

Or at least that’s how I’m rationalizing it. It was out of warranty anyway…

2002 Litespeed Hyperion

Nature 1 - Litespeed Hyperion 0

5 thoughts on “Requiem for a Bicycle

  1. WOW – that is a seriously compromised frame and I am not buying that you have gotten too fat. You are very lucky that you are not injured.

  2. Yes, I laugh about it, but I know how lucky I am. If this failure had occurred on a descent instead of a climb, I could have been in a bad way. Luckily, I heard a loud creaking noise, and felt the back end getting squirrley.

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  4. I’ve broken alot of parts…including my grey matter, but never a frame. Congratulations on reaching a new level! I thought this would be a great reason to trade up!

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