The Davis Bros. Motor Lodge

As a follow up to my posting about our 1975 family vacation to Florida…

It took me a few days, but I finally remembered the name of one of the motels we stayed in during our visits to Florida in ’75 and ’76.  (The human brain is a amazing thing, considering I was 8 – 9 years old at the time.) So I did some googling and lo and behold…

The finest in 1970's Motor Lodges

The finest in 1970's Motor Lodges

Yes, it lives on.

If my memory is correct, this was a fine motel at the time. We spent a few nights here, as Bartow was pretty centrally located for both trips to Disney (1 hr) and Busch Gardens (45 min), and I’m sure the price was right. I met a kid named Sydney swimming in this pool one night. I think he was from one of the Carolina’s. I remember him because for the life of me I could not pronounce his name. It kept coming out “Cindy”.

I wonder how many kids spent vacations swimming in this pool

I wonder how many kids have spent a vacation swimming in this pool?

From the sound of the reviews, the place may have seen better days. But what do you expect for a 40+ year old motel? The fact that is has survived, and not succumbed to redevelopment, or conversion into a Motel 6 is impressive.

Man, just looking at these photos is giving me a hankering for some Andy Capp’s Hot Fries, and a can of Fanta Red Cream Soda, I wonder if Dad has some change for the vending machine…

It doesn't get any better...

than this.

It doesn't get any better than this...

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