The Dogman of Michigan

If yesterday’s post about the Paulding Light seemed only vaguely spooky, today’s will send shivers down your spine.

Today I speak of a true terror of the north woods. The Dogman of Michigan. Quick, cover the children’s eyes!

The Dogman of Michigan

The Dogman of Michigan

from the Legend of Michigan site…

What Does a Legend Become, When the Truth Outruns the Fiction?

It began as an April Fool’s Day prank, a simple poem set to music, crafted to play on the radio a few times and then disappear.

Then something very strange happened. The joke reversed course. A mysterious, centuries-old Indian legend revealed startling parallels. A French fur trader’s diary from 1794 told of an encounter with “loup garou.” A letter from 1857 described a creature that stood upright like a man, yet “bore the countenance of a grey wolf.”

Then contemporary witnesses came forward by the score, bringing with them photographs, film, audio recordings, and dramatic physical evidence.

The Legend became real.

I get chills just reading it. For anyone familiar with Native American lore, there is a long tradition of belief in shapeshifters. Enchanted, evil creatures that roam the night and have the ability to transform themselves from animal to human form. The dogman is such a creature.

Like a werewolf, he walks erect on his hind legs, with the countenance of a wolf. For any who have stared into the eyes of such a creature, there can be little doubt that there is an intelligence, and an evil depth behind them that no mere animal possesses.



Here’s the story of one eye witness…

“Recently my wife and daughter accompanied my mother and her co-worker at a cabin on Island Lake (near Fife Lake) in northern Michigan. The lake, which is private, had a paved road that circled around to both extents, but did not connect around the lake.

As an avid outdoorsman, and former DNR employee, I have spent a considerable amount of time viewing nature. Noticing many of the trails that vented into the forest around the lake I decided to hop on my mountain bike and explore. While I saw nothing unusual at first, the last day of my stay in the area is when I saw something that will change my perception of nature forever.

It was nearly 6 pm, I ventured off on a different trail that I previously rode, not knowing where it ended up, I figured I would turn around anyway and go back after some time. After pedaling nearly a mile through dense pines, I noticed a small clearing to my right, and a very old abandoned camper. Several paths crossed and went into what looked like two-tracks in various directions. Gathering my bearings I stepped off my bike, suddenly, what sounded like two dogs viciously fighting and growling came from the trailer.

Startled but not frightened, I glanced back at the trailer, and out of its window stared what looked like a canine head, but with incredibly bright eyes. Its paws rested on the window ledge, as if it was standing up against the wall of the trailer to get a better view of me. Suddenly the figure retreated into the darkness of the gutted trailer, followed by a loud thump. Frantic I crashed my bike into the stump of a pine, but I did not look back. As I flew through the forest, what I did hear can only be summarized as a coyote but with a much deeper howl. Pedaling for what seemed like eternity, the two tracks I was on led to the main road. I was never more thankful in my life to be OUT of the woods.

Is it true? Could he be out there stalking the woods of Northern Michigan?

Lock the doors and hit the gas!

Lock the doors and hit the gas!


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