Goodbye to Summer

Sunset on Thousand Island Lake

Sunset on Thousand Island Lake

And so the sun sets on another summer vacation. The kids shed many tears over saying goodbye to their cousins, uncles, and new found friends. They are beginning to get to the age when they can sense the end of summer, and dread the return to the rigidity of school. Lil’ Miss 20 Prospect has crossed that Rubicon this summer. I think this is her first sense of the impermanence of youth. For 5 summers this week has been a constant in their lives. They are now beginning to realize that time is not holding still. They are growing, the world around them is also changing. It is bittersweet to watch. But what part of parenting isn’t bittersweet?

All too soon they will outgrow summer vacations with their family, and no longer look forward to this week in the woods the way they do now. This was the first summer that 20 Prospect Jr. could drive his own Go Kart, and ride alone on Horseback. The first summer he got up on the kneeboard.

20 Prospect Jr. on the Kneeboard

20 Prospect Jr. on the Kneeboard

Oh, there are many more firsts yet to come. First time fishing alone. First time skiing. First time they take the boat out alone. First summer love. Those will all come in due time.

For now, we can savor the summer that is left. The long dry end of August. The State Fair. The first scent of fall in the air. The first Friday night football game at the H.S. around the block.

Around, and around we go again. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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