Notes from Narita

On a 2 hour layover in Narita Japan, awaiting my flight to Seoul I am running on fumes. For no reason I can determine my Blackberry now has service in Japan, leaving only Antarctica for places where I cannot be reached. Oh the joys of our electronic leashes. How did we ever roam free without them. These gosh durn internets are amazin.

It is 4am on the body clock, but 6 o’clock here, and I haven’t slept a wink. No point in it now. God willing I will be in a hotel bed in 6 hours. Sleep can take me then.

Yes, I am tired, strung out and cranky. International air travel is not as glamorous as you’d expect. The comfort level of coach class on a 747 is slightly above that of your average port-o-john. Although the port-o-john has more privacy, they both smell about the same after 12 hours. Why do I do this again? Oh yeah, they pay me amply to.

O how I long for the coming collapse of global oil production. Maybe then international air travel will become unsustainable. Actually, if you read the income statements of the airlines its apparent that it is already unsustainable. Honestly, how they stay in business is a mystery to me.

If anyone out there reading this has a spare million they’d like to loan me (and by loan I mean give) I’ve found a great little seasonal resort outside of Minoqua WI that I’d like to buy. 5 seasonal cabins, 1000 + acre lake that is 80 percent state land, Minoqua school district, and a 3 BR home for a cool million. Pricey, but nice. Of course, the income might be a little lean what with only renting April to October. Mrs 20 P could always get a PT job nursing at the hospital there. We’d need the bennys after all. Tell you what, you put up the million and I’ll cut you a great deal on cabin rental. I’ve sold my soul for much less already, so its the least I could do..

O this trip is a tough one. There were many tears at the airport when the family dropped me off. I really do not want to be here. The days of travel adventure have long since passed. I’ve traveled enough now to know that I am happiest on my own front porch. If I never left the country on business again, I think I could come to terms with it, Maybe I’d feel different if the work I did made some positive difference in the world. But I’m not feeding starving children, or curing cancer. I’m just making widgets to feed into the gaping maw of an insatiable consumer beast.


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