HGTV Presents – The Bathrooms of Asia

I have two things I like to do when traveling in a new country to help get a feel for the place. One is checking out the aisles of the local grocery store. It is amazing the differences, and similarities between cultures. The other hobby I have is discovering the differences in bathroom fixtures. I’m sure this fascination with hotel bathrooms dates back to our childhood vacations when we would fight over the privilege of being the first to break the paper seal on the toilet seat in the Motel Room.

One thing that I have discovered over my years of travel is that the human species exhibits boundless creativity in creating elaborate accessories to accomplish, what essentially, is the same thing a bear can do in the woods.

Or as ‘lil Miss 20 Prospect told me over the weekend, “Roses are red, violets are blue, you call it a bathroom, I call it a loo”

So tonight I present, the bathrooms of Seoul!

OK, the bathroom of room 201 of the SR Hotel anyway. But first, the room. As a seasoned traveler I have to give it credit for uniqueness. As shown in the photo below, you could house a Japanese family of 4 in a space like this. In Tokyo, it would probably even run about $5,000 / month in rent.

Where wicker furniture goes to die.

Where wicker furniture goes to die.

Apparently, wicker is in. Either that or I have found the fabled graveyard for Pier 1 Imports.

But wait, there’s more. Turn the corner by the windows and you are greeted with an expanse of bathroom worthy of a Sultan. Not even the great Turkish Baths of the Ottoman Empire could boast one of these babies.

Boil, bubble, toil and trouble

Boil, bubble, toil and trouble

At first I thought it was a Witches cauldron, and I had stumbled into some Korean Wiccan covey. Only upon closer inspection did I figure out it was a jacuzzi tub large enough for Vikings Offensive Lineman. Jeebus, that’s one big tub. Here’s another angle.

Apparently, there's more to Asian Business travel than they teach in the MBA programs.

Oprah Winfrey's Bidet?

And finally, I was somewhat surprised to see the Japanese electronic toilet in a Korean hotel. But there it was. You need a degree in electrical engineering to work the thing. A Luddite like myself can never be comfortable performing a natural act on such an unnatural contraption. I’m afraid I’ll push the wrong button and the hard drive will crash. I wonder if it’s running Microsoft Vista or XP?





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