It’s that day again…


It has been eight years already. Hard to believe. I will forever remember it for the beauty of the sky that day. I don’t believe there was ever a more lovely morning, than September 11th, 2001. The sky was cerulean blue, and the air was so clear and crisp. It was close to 80 degrees that day, without a cloud, or drop of humidity. So achingly beautiful, that the tragedy unfolding before us on our televisions seemed all the more surreal.

May God Bless the victims, and their families, and grant them eternal rest.

2 thoughts on “It’s that day again…

  1. I seem to remember having lunch with you that day as well. Not many words were said, nor could they. People huddled into my cube listening to the events unfold on my radio and the utter disbelief of what transpired. And our young children at home. What world did I bring my 3 month old daughter into?

  2. Cheer up my friend. As I said in the days following that event, if anything it only serves to awaken us to the privileged life we have led at the close of the 20th century. Born during the “summer of love” the most distressing events of our lives, (The 60’s) didn’t even occur in our lives. As latch key Gen-Xer’s we were damn lucky to have been born after the convulsions of the early 20th century had passed, and a bi-polar Cold War put a heavy, protective shield of Empire over our heads.

    Even now, in the “Post 9-11 World”, with all it’s faults and doom and gloom predictions of the slow collapse of our Empire, I still prefer the future that lies in front of our children, than the one that lay in front of our Grandparents.

    And if that isn’t enough to brighten up your day, consider this. (SPOILER ALERT!) I flipped ahead in the Bible. God wins.

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