Cheerio, luv…

The Union Jack

The Union Jack

and other sterotypical English cliches. I always hope that someone calls me “Guv’ner” but they never do.

Oy… that was a long trip. Didn’t sleep a wink on the flight to Amsterdam, got into Manchester around 1 pm on Monday, went right into a meeting at 3pm-6pm. From the meeting we adjorned to the pub for beers, and had a formal dinner for the group at 8:30pm. All told I think I was awake for 42 straight hours. That’s a Hard Day’s Night…

Local boys make good...

Local boys make good...

So forgive the shortness of this posting. I need to get moving this morning and get some breakfast into me before our meeting starts. I’ll make up for it later in the week with stories and pictures.


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