Farewell to Belgium

Another business trip comes to a close. 10 days of eating, drinking, and talking to excess in the service of my dark corporate overlords. By the time you read this I will be some where over Greenland on my way back to the Front Porch where I belong. Thanks again for pulling up a rocking chair on the porch with me here at 20 Prospect. Your company is much appreciated.

I will be checking out for the next two days, decompressing, and trying to remind my wife and children what I look like. (Let’s hope they aren’t disappointed) But have no fear. I was busy this past weekend in my hotel room, typing up a looooonnnng post on the Summer of 1987, which I spent working in a games booth at Darien Lake Fun Country amusement park. It should go up on the internets around 7am on Thursday. I think there’s enough words in that post to carry over until early next week. I hope you enjoy it.

Time for one last round from Leuven. I give you Cristal, the beer of Limburg…

One more for the road

One more for the road

Good night! Sleep tight!

Pleasant dreams to you.

Here’s a wish, and prayer, all your dreams come true…

and now, till we meet again…


Au Revoir!

Auf Weidersein!


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