Flupocalypse Now

is this the end?

is this the end?

Yes, the dreaded Swine Flu, la Grippe Porcine, the H1N1 plague has descended upon 20 Prospect. Both ‘lil Miss 20 P, and 20 P Jr. are sick with “flu like symptoms”, and are home from school this week. As we say in Minnesota “Oh yah, dere’s a lot of dat goin’ around.”

We don’t actually know if it is the dreaded H1N1. Nobody bothers to test for it. If you’re sick, and you run a temp and have chills, aches, pain, etc… you just stay home on the couch and watch TV until you feel better. Of course, that isn’t as sensational as calling it a Flu Pandemic, even if it is more accurate.

So there you have it. Two sick, bored kids sitting home all week with poor Mrs. 20 Prospect, as the contractors are ripping apart the kitchen, for the great kitchen remodel of 2009. Life is just a touch chaotic at the moment.

One thought on “Flupocalypse Now

  1. Just getting over the plague myself. After being tested (positively) I had to remind my Dr. that I was indeed a “at risk” patient that would like to be rewarded with Tamiflu. And a side of Cialis.

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