Oh Batavia!

Call O’Lacys, tell ‘em start filling a pint o’ Guinness.



Call Main Street Pizza, and get a large Pepperoni & Mushroom, and some wings on order for pickup.

Phone the Poke’ and tell em to save me a Beef on Weck.

The Pok'

The Pok'

Tell the folks at Dunkin’ donuts to put on a fresh pot of coffee, and get a fresh batch of Bavarian Crème going.

My Dunkin' Donuts

My Dunkin' Donuts

Call the “Sport of Kings” and tell ’em to heat up some Souvlaki…well, nevermind on that last one. Souvlaki is a dish best eaten at 4am, and I think I will be asleep on Mom’s couch long before then.

Yes, I am coming home.

As this message is posted, I will already be on my way to WNY. After a short detour to Kitchener, Ontario to have a talk about that whole Butler’s Rangers incident, I will be pointing the rental car towards the Great Bend of the Tonawanda.


3 thoughts on “Oh Batavia!

  1. Tom, As all things in small towns come about, I heard about your blog from my mom, who lives in LeRoy, NY. She said, “You might know this guy … he was a little older than you in high school.” (Of course, mother, I remember everyone.)Sorry to say, I don’t remember you, but your blog’s awesome. Congrats on getting into the Daily News. I live in Michigan now (which, to some people in WNY, is right next to Minnesota) but I wrote for the Daily News after graduating from St. Bonaventure. Thanks for the great words and pictures … have a great time when you’re there!
    PS I wish I was going too!

    • Thanks Eileen!

      My Mom is the same way. “Say, do you know so and so? They were a little ahead/behind of you in school but went to Notre Dame/BHS/Leroy/Pembroke/ etc. ? Well their sister so and so is now living in NYC and…” So along that line, maybe you know my nephew David who was a little behind you at St. Bonnies…

      Hope you are doing well in Michigan. Half of my WNY friends still confuse Minnesota/Michigan/Montana, because you know, “those states out there all start with an M.”

  2. I manage to poke around your blog occasionally and am always happy with the decision. The picture of the Pok-A-Dot is priceles. My Dad still periodically grabs a coffee at the Dot, but the trips are fewer as old age has slowed him down and the number of friends to shoot the breeze has also dwindled.

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