Hanging out on the Porch

Another week begins on the Front Porch. I have to say that the past one was exhausting. I spent a lot of time diving deep in the sea of memory, and I’m afraid I have a case of the bends. So this week is starting off a little light on the memory side.


Old Friends on the Porch

This past weekend I was honored to have an old friend stop by 20 Prospect for a visit. Yes, it was time for a “guy’s weekend”, which means trips to sporting events, and bars, and partaking of smelly foods that the wife and kids don’t like to eat.  If either one of us were into hunting and fishing, we’d have done some of that too.

The “guys weekend” is something I never remember the Dad’s of a previous generation doing. Just like our Mom’s and Grandma’s never had a girls weekend get-a-way to Vegas. I guess it’s just a generational thing, another result of the atomization of social ties, and the increasing mobility of the population. I have known Chris since Kindergarten, when he arrived in Batavia after his family relocated from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is my oldest bestest friend, but we haven’t lived in the same town since he left the Twin Cities in ’95. Now we see each other about every other year, sometimes with wife and kids, sometimes alone. But no matter how much time passes, when we are together we’re reduced to two kids sitting on the front steps talking until the street lights flicker on.




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