The Brickhouse Revisited

As I mentioned, this past weekend was “guys weekend” which meant sports, sports, sports. The highlight of the weekend was a trip to the new on campus stadium of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers football team. It was their final homegame of the innagural season for the new birckhouse, and their opponents were the hated “Jackrabbits” of South Dakota State.

Well, hated is a strong word for a team that most Gopher fans had never heard of. No offense to SDSU, but those initials usually mean San Diego State. The Jackrabbits have a fine program, and a fine team, but they are a I-AA school, and not exactly a marque matchup.

Luckily the Gophers did their part to welcome them to the new stadium by playing some of the ugliest football I have seen in quite some time. They eeeked out a victory, but neither team looked especially determined to win that game. But enough words, it time for pictures!!!!


The crowd began arriving early for the 11am kickoff

The stadium has been tied into the area very nicely. It’s open end just bekons you inside. Sitting across the street from the Basketball and Hockey Arena’s it really is a boon to the Stadium Village Neighborhood, and the local bars, restaurants, etc… seem to be thriving on the foot traffic.


Umm... does your wife know you're dressed like that?


The view from the East Endzone (student section)


I love the big open plaza behind the West Endzone


The Ginormous Scoreboard


March on, march on, to victory, loyal sons of the varsity!!!!


Go Gopher Victory...

All in all, I have to say they did the place up right. Yeah, I’m not a big fan of the plastic grass, but I’m willing to overlook that. And I am not even going to get into the ethics of spending public money on sports stadiums, or the exploitation of student atheletes in major college athletics. No, I just came to see a football game in the great outdoors, the way that God intended. And I did not go home disappointed.


TCF Bank Stadium at the golden hour

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