Hell’s Kitchen

The great kitchen remodel of 2009 is continuing apace at 20 Prospect. We are doing our part to single handedly re-invigorate the local economy, through our spending of 20 Prospect Stimulus Dollars on new cabinets, floors, fixtures, and appliances. So if you notice a bump in the economic figures for Minnesota, rest assured, we are behind it.

Actually, the main reason behind the remodel was to reduce our carbon footprint, by installing less energy intensive appliances, and replacing the garbage can with an indoor, self composting, disposal. Not really. Neither the local economy, nor the environment had anything to do with this project.

Our home was built in 1959, and came equipped with a very modern kitchen. It had a built in oven, and range top, in a classic 1950’s style, complete with pocket doors leading into the dining and living room, to shield the guests from the noise and splatter from the kitchen I guess. Perhaps in the 50’s housewives were still beheading the chickens right there in the kitchen, so the doors served as a way to keep the headless chickens from running through the house.

Mrs. 20 Prospect in the Kitchen - Sure wish she wouldn't smoke that corncob pipe in the house...

When we bought our home in 1995, we planned to remodel the kitchen, but one thing led into another, and the kitchen project kept getting bumped for other more urgent projects. It was functional enough to serve us well, but we were wanting for more. More cabinet, more counter top, more debt. Finally, after 14 years we decided it was now or never.

just kidding... here is the real Mrs. 20 Prospect hard at work.

So in October the project began by gutting the 1950’s era kitchen. For the past month the 20 prospect clan has been living in our basement family room, cooking outdoors on the grill, and Coleman stove, and eating around the card table just like the pioneers. Well, minus the Indian attacks.

After 4 weeks of work, it is finally coming together. If all goes well, we will have running water, and appliances by Thanksgiving. Just in time for Squanto and the tribe to come by for dinner. Actually, now that I think about it, this is Squanto’s year for hosting. So I guess we’ll be having the Turkey buffet at the Casino instead.

I love our little 50’s suburban Rambler. It is just so dang functional, that despite the house envy we get from time to time, it’s hard to imagine me and the Mrs. ever moving. It might get a bit tight at times, but to be honest, the chillun’ are half grown already, and it won’t be long and we will be sending them off to college, and watching them move out and start a life on their own (fingers crossed as I type this). And then the place will seem roomy again, for a couple of empty nesters. But what a fine kitchen we’ll have.

Oh Lucy! I'm home!

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