’tis the season

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. This 4 day respite from posting has been wonderful. It was a thoroughly restful Thanksgiving weekend spent with family, honoring traditions, and getting into the post Thanksgiving mood.

The potica has been baked. And I must confess we did cut into it, and it was delicious. It is a tradition of Mrs. 20 Prospect’s family to bake Potica for the holidays and serve it for Christmas dinner with Ham. In my family, we used to call it Nutroll and it came in a sweet nutty version and a version with poppyseed filling. I have done some research on Potica and it seems to be a common tradition across the Balkans and Eastern Europe. There are different version in Poland, Croatia, Slovenia and the Ukraine. Potica is the Slovenian name for it, and Mrs. 20 P’s version appears to have come down from her Slovenian roots.

I have gladly adopted this Christmas tradition. Baking the bread is an all day event, and requires extra hands when the time comes to roll out the dough on the kitchen table, spread the filling, and roll the bread. It takes 3-4 people to stand shoulder to shoulder rolling the dough to ensure a tight loaf with no air pockets. There is always much teasing come Christmas about whose loaf is whose.

Potica - as sold by a small bakery up on the Iron Range - Order yours today!

I also spent time hanging up the Christmas lights, and setting up the Christmas display. None of those tasteful, classy, white holiday lights for 20 Prospect. No sir, we ain’t no reserved Lutherans. We go for the full on multi-color lights and giant molded plastic figures in our yard. I must say, one of the great things about being Catholic is the way we can assimilate anything into some niche of tradition. For instance, Piglet and Eyeore make a fine addition to the manger scene. As do the reindeer. Throw in some polar bears, and a penguin and I am considering building a light up ark next year. I have a special name for the style of holiday decorations I put up around 20 Prospect. I call it “Vegas-Baroque”. Carbon footprint be damned, it’s Christmas!

Nothing says "North Pole" like a penguin

and the Pengiun would be lonely with out some Polar Bears to keep him company

But the biggest event of the week is the delivery of our kitchen appliances today, after 6 weeks of living in the basement, cooking outside on a Coleman stove, as we remodel the kitchen. The only thing left is to put up the tile on the backsplash, and then I will reveal “The Great Kitchen Remodel of 2009” to the world on this very blog. Stay tuned.

In the mean time, enjoy the holiday light display, and meditate on this season of darkness as we prepare ourselves for the coming of Christmas. Peace.

My Burl Ives display...


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