Snow days

Another snowy morning on the porch. Nothing major, just a few inches overnight to freshen things up a bit before the temperature drops back into the single digits. This one should guarantee an aesthetically pleasing, White Christmas. You’d think that in a place like Minnesota that would be a given, but statistically, 1 out of every 4 years is a snow less Christmas. I really need to consider a move to the U.P. I’m thinking Houghton, and it’s  200 inches of annual snowfall.

Doesn’t this look just like Winter is supposed to?

Merry Christmas Bedford Falls!

Of course, I have no reason to live in Houghton, Michigan, or any other place. No, like it or not, (and most days I like it) my place is right here in the Twin Cities. My home in Bailey Park may not have the front porch I would like it to have, but it’s home none the less. The more years that pass, the harder it becomes to imagine living anywhere else.

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