First Ice

Wednesday Night Lights

We watch and we wait all December for the telltale glow in the sky. Off to the West, above the rooftops, over the Lake, the white shine of light on the belly of the Water Tower tells the tale. Like the star of Bethlehem appearing in the sky, the lights appeared last night. Like wise men, 20 Prospect Jr. and I followed them to the rink.

It was 9 Degrees outside, but the winds were calm so we warmed up quickly enough. To be honest, the ice still needs some work, but I’m not complaining. It was wonderful to get out and stretch the legs. Now it feels like winter has arrived. Good to see so many boys out there playing shinny too. Close to 30 of them by the time we headed home. Not bad for a school night in December. As for the boy, well, I must admit I had trouble keeping up. We skated the oval a few times and holy cow did he get some jets since last year. It took all I had to hang with him. Thankfully, I’m still wily enough with the puck to beat him in one on one.

Who is that shadowy blur with the puck?


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