Happy Hockey Day

Tomorrow is Hockey Day Minnesota!

Our newest national state holiday. It is like Easter for the Hockey Cult. We are all expected to put on our Sunday best, and gather at one of the many Cathedrals of Hockey sprinkled throughout the state, and receive the sacrament of ice time.

As recent converts to the Hockey Cult, the 20 Prospect clan will be attending services at the National Sports Center’s “Basilica of the Our Lady of the 5 Minute Major”. I’m told the services there are spectacular.

The Basilica of Our Lady of the 5 Minute Major

20 Prospect Jr.’s hockey club has a an outdoor party on a lake in the morning. Bonfire, grill out, and shinny on the ice. Then a game in the afternoon. If all goes well, we should also find time to either skate beneath the belly of the water tower at our local rink, or battle each other in another epic round of NHL 2K10 on the Wii. The night will end with a vigil in front of the TV watching either the Wild or the Gophers. A veritable Bacchanalia of Hockey.

All work and no Hockey makes Jack a dull boy

Yes, we are no longer acolytes in the hockey cult. I already feel like a seasoned pro, standing in the rink watching the boys practice, discussing the finer points of the game with other Dad’s. Well, not really. That would require me to speak with a stranger, and hockey cult or no hockey cult, that would be a very Un-Minnesota thing to do. Instead we all stand in silence waiting for someone to introduce us to each other.

The boy is still enjoying it. And I have to confess, I am enjoying watching him enjoy it. I guess that’s the definition of the joy of parenting right there. That and yelling profanity at the refs.

Happy Hockey Day Minnesota!

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