Purple Pain

Ouch. That had to hurt. As a Bills fan I can sympathize. In some ways I was hoping the Vikings could win the Superbowl just to prove that an 0-4 Superbowl team can be redeemed. I was 8 when they lost their last Superbowl. Although I have been around to experience their last two painful losses in the NFC Champsionship.

First their was this one…


I will never forget the cocky Denny Green taking a knee, to send the game into overtime, convinced that his team would win. And I can remember the absolute certainty in my mind that Gary Anderson, who had not missed a field goal all year, was going to blow that kick.

I was around in 2001 to witness the Forty One – Donut game in New York. It was one of the more bizzare and surreal games. I don’t think I have ever seen a professional football team with more on the line, roll over and die like that, and I remember some horrible Bills losses.

Forty One - Donut

You can say this about the Vikes. They may choke in the championship game, but they do it in dramatic style. The image seared into the minds of Minnesota this time is going to be this one…

His own worst enemy

As a Packer fan by marriage, this season has been a strange one. Seeing the face of the Packers for 16 seasons, wearing the colors of their hated arch rival was tough. Seeing him lead them to the NFC Championship was painful. Watching him throw an interception with 19 seconds left, and a very makeable field goal within reach, was priceless. Packer fans have lived through that one many times. Most recently, 2 years ago when Favre ended his career in Green Bay in the exact same fashion in OT of the NFC title game against the Giants. It’s enough to make a guy believe in karma.And so ends another bizarre chapter in the Vikings-Packers rivalry.

It’s going to be a long week at work this week, with a lot of crabby, sour, co-workers, and smug and smiling Packer fans.

As for the Saints, it is hard to begrudge them the trip to the Superbowl. Few teams have suffered through more dreadful seasons than they have. They may not win in 2 weeks, but I have a feeling that New Orleans is going to enjoy the party either way


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