A case of the bends

One lonely, solitary degree this morning. Poor little Fahrenheit, all alone in a cold cruel world. As the sun comes up the wispy clouds in the sky are a lovely creamsicle orange. There’s a small sliver of moon in the East, like a sleepy eye after a long night. Mornings like these can be so beautiful. The world is buried in a fresh blanket of snow, swirled, and drifted like dollops of whipped cream. So calm. So peaceful.

These February days are tough to stomach. It has been a long winter, and it will likely be April before we see the grass again. So as the days get longer, it is hard to pace yourself and not go crazy with cabin fever.

It has been a tough week to write. Work has been busy, and after diving deep into the sea of memory for the big posts last week, and Monday, I am suffering a bit from the bends. More than anything I would just like a day off to sit in the window, sipping coffee, and looking outside. But my dark corporate overlords have other plans. So it’s back into the depths of our lair, to plot nefarious deeds, and advance the forces of corporate darkness against the world of truth and light. Wish me luck!

Our Corporate Lair in Winter

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