U.S.A. 5 – Canada 3

Oh, did that feel good.

I mean, really good

It’s been 30 years to the day since the Miracle on Ice. Make no mistake, last night’s game was not of the same cultural, or even sporting significance. For one thing, Olympic hockey is pretty much an NHL all star tournament and not the amateur athletic event is used to be. For another, this was Canada, not quite the Evil Empire. More like the Milquetoast  Empire.

Really, it’s hard to demonize Canadians. It’s like having a hatred for vanilla ice cream. There’s nothing there to hate. Except for how insufferable they are about hockey. So beating them on their own turf, in their own Olympics, in front of 19,000 red clad Canadian fans is especially satisfying.

If it’s any consolation for them (and I am sure it’s not) I still like Tom Horton’s Donuts.


22 thoughts on “U.S.A. 5 – Canada 3

    • I am an American, and I was oddly enough called unpatriotic. I mean seriously, just because in my honest opinion Canadian hockey is so much better than US Hockey does not mean I am unpatriotic. I, though, completely agree.

      Hockey is Canada’s game, just like baseball and football are America’s.

  1. The Canadian “experts” certainly didn’t predict this outcome. All the talk up here was a similar spread but with Canada taking the win. Now we’re just taking the heat!

    And yes, Tim Horton’s isn’t much of a consolation – it’s an addiction we can’t do without.

    On the brighter side … it isn’t over yet.

  2. Huge, fun win for sure, but it goes deeper than that. Last night showed what USA hockey is all about: grit, youthful enthusiasm, and a flair for playing the underdog role to the hilt.

  3. Chris Drury and Brian Rafalski have to be the surprise players on team USA. They thought they were taking them for veteran leadership and defensive zone support and Olympic experience. Who thought that they’d be powering team USA’s offense.

  4. This was a great game. My hats off to the Canadian team they played well. Unfortunately Brodeur showed his age in this game. Miller was amazing one of the best goaltender performances in the Olympics.

  5. If this was any sport other than hockey, Canadian would be spreading the “well, we did our best and isn’t that the ultimate goal?” message. Since it’s hockey, we are, right now, a downcast and sad peoples.

    Hopefully we fare better against the weakly-defended Russian team.

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