Meteors over Minneapolis

A meteor streaming across night sky Photo: Ian Mckinnell/GETTY

Out for a walk tonight with the Indomitable Moxie I saw the most amazing sight. A meteor streaking across the sky from North to South, in a burning ball of flame, flashing once before fading into a small red ember, that winked out as quickly as it arrived. It couldn’t have lasted more than a second, but it lit up the sky overhead. When it was gone I stood slack jawed, gaping up at the stars.

I have seen many shooting stars over the years, but never one so close to earth, so large and aflame. What ominous events does this portend? I would consult the Oracle, but I have misplaced my Magic Eightball.

Ask again later.

Now that the Olympics are over, I am going through TV withdrawl. As I have said before, I don’t usually watch much TV. Not for any hatred or dislike of TV programming, just mostly because I am better than you.

No, seriously, we are so busy with the social and sporting events of Lil Miss 20 Prospect, and 20 Prospect Jr. that our evenings are a blur until about 9 o’clock. After that I tend to open a book, or on rare occasions, when the moon is in the correct phase, have a conversation with Mrs. 20 Prospect. It’s amazing really. I highly recommend speaking with your spouse, it can have a remarkably positive effect on your relationship. Who knew? Maybe if I watched more TV I would have heard of this from Oprah.

Anyway, with no Winter Olympics to watch I have dug back into some old books. It’s been 20 some years since I read Look Homeward Angel. Re-reading it now, I am surprised by how much of it I remember. I guess it’s not just stories about old girlfriends that I remember, which is comforting. For a 500+ page book without a plot, I remember an awful lot of scenes, and passages. I guess it helps that Wolfe was a mopey, navel gazer given to marinating in his memories. (Hmm… who does that remind me of?) Some of the passages, like the ones I have used in my posts lately, I could almost recite from memory. It amazes me how deep into a persons brain poems and prose can burrow. They can hide there for years, and become part of the intricate tapestry of a persons view of the world, until you forget where you ever picked them up. They just become something you take for granted as having always been there. And then you stumble across the source, years later, and realize that these thoughts, these memories, are not something that were hard wired into your brain, but something you absorbed along the way. And that opens a whole other set of questions. How many more of your core beliefs, and worldview were things you picked up, like a flu virus, in your travels?

These are the things that I wonder about in my evenings as Moxie and I are making our rounds. Maybe turning off the TV was a bad idea after all.


2 thoughts on “Meteors over Minneapolis

  1. Hi,

    I have just recorded a debut album of my own material. My name is David J. Caron. I am looking for some cool eye-catching, memorable and thought provoking artwork for my album cover/inlay card. I came accross your image searching for images on-line as I have a song called “look out” on my album. I would really be interested in using this “meteor over minneapolis” image in the album booklet if I may. I would credit the artist in the artwork credits on the cd sleeve if you wish. Please advise where I could get permission to use this image.
    My artist name is my own name. I am waiting to get my recordings professionally mastered and am at the moment working on the CD booklet artwork.

    Thank you

    I wait to hear from you



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