Spring Training

Sunny and 60 degrees. If ever we doubted God’s grace, weather like that on March 14th in Minnesota should dispel our doubt. Our snow is all but gone now. Just little piles and scraps left behind in the shade. With the final melt some harbingers of spring, like putting away the Christmas decorations that had been frozen to the ground since December. And as any dog owner knows, the final melt of the snow reveals a winters worth of presents. I spent about an hour collecting Moxie muffins on Saturday. Yes, it was a long winter indeed.

That first day of daylight savings seems to last forever. We were up early for 20 Prospect Jr.’s final hockey game of the season. After that, we broke out the ball gloves and began spring training. I think I’ll need to ice my arm in the morning. Haven’t used those muscles in awhile.

Bikes were brought out, tires were pumped, and the season began. I took Rocinante out for a nice spin along the usual route, dodging broken glass and a winters worth of sand in the gutters. Oh it felt so good. Even found time to enjoy an Indycar race on television. Watching a race in sunny Brazil, it seemed like summer was here already.

I know, I know, it’s only March 15th. Beware the Ides of March young Caesar, beware. Summer is still a long way off, and we are not done with snow yet. But who cares. Today was spring, glorious spring, and it makes all the rest tolerable.

Not sure how much real posting I’ll be doing this week. I’m going to be busy serving my dark corporate overlords, slaving away like the minion I am. I also have another paper to write for an upcoming conference in April. Yes, I am moonlighting in academia again. All part of my nefarious campaign for world domination. Muwahahahahaha…

Er… sorry about that. Sometimes the evil laugh just slips out.


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