A Big Star goes dark

Alex Chilton - 1970

Alex Chilton, the lead singer for Big Star, has died at the age of 59. Chilton was never a household name, and is best known among my generation for being the subject of a song by The Replacements. The one time lead singer for the Box Tops, a late 60’s pop band, he started Big Star in the early 70’s when he teamed up with guitarist/songwriter Chris Bell. They put out 3 albums in relative obscurity. But those albums, like the work of The Velvet Underground, and Gram Parsons, would become the foundation for what would one day become alternative music. It’s been said they only sold a handful of albums, but that everyone who bought one later went out and started a band. They pretty much invented LowFi Jingly-Jangly Pop Music, and had a huge influence on REM, Guided by Voices, The Feelies, Wilco, and many other power-pop bands. Chris Bell died in a car accident in the 70’s. So I imagine there’s quite a re-union gig going on up in heaven this morning.

So we will have a moment of silence on the Front Porch this morning.

And then we will put on some Big Star and pretend we are 17 all over again…

Click here to hear “September Gurls”


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