Life in the Big City

It’s not like we live in the ‘hood. Or even that the Twin Cities have a high murder rate. All things considered it’s a pretty benign place to be. Which makes it all the more surreal when something like this occurs.

The shootings occured at 10:30 am. 20 Prospect Jr. and I were in our car driving to the Donut shop about 1 block from where this happened. We heard the sirens, and saw the ambulance go by. Sat at the counter enjoying our donuts, oblivious to the drama going on so near by. Afterwards, I had to drive around the congestion as the street was closed, and there seemed to be some emergency vehicles parked in the area. Didn’t think twice about it. Probably an accident or something, with the road already narrowed for the road construction.

Just a glorious spring morning, out bumming together. On our way to pick up some Polish and Italian Sausage from Kramarczuk’s for dinner. Life in the big city I guess, even when we don’t really live in the big city.

Reading the story later in the day, I was overcome with an odd, surreal feeling. How much evil flows by just under our noses, without us noticing? Not just the big crimes that make the paper, but the things that don’t. Makes me want to move away to a cabin in the woods and invest in firearms.

No place is perfect. No place is immune. But if anything ever happened to them, I would never forgive myself. I live life with lambs blood on the doorjam, hoping that the angel of death passes us by.

One thought on “Life in the Big City

  1. I feel for you. There was a murder 200 yards from my youngest daughter’s elementary school last week. The first one in our part of town in a very long time and the first one of this nature. It’s a scary world out there.

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