What time is it Mr. Fox?

The Fantastic Mr. Fox paid another visit to our yard last night. I know this because the Indomitable Moxie was beside herself with excitement this morning, running around in circles, sniffing his scent and barking into the darkness. The hound dog in her really shows itself whenever Mr. Fox happens by. She gets so excited, and looks up at me imploringly as if to say “C’mon boss, put on the red jacket, the black cap, and the riding pants and saddle up. It’s time to go on a fox hunt!”

It took awhile, but she finally calmed down before I left for work, and was burrowed under the comforter, dreaming dog dreams of foxes, squirrels and tasty bones. Driving in to work, under the low gray blanket of clouds, I have to say I envied her. It’s that kind of a morning here on the porch, overcast, damp, and perfect for sleeping. My boss has taken a day off, so despite the best of intentions, I know I won’t be worth a damn to anyone today. May as well sip coffee and day dream.

It’s been a fun week of posting. Story time is always fun for me, and I hope interesting for my readers. All three of you. I apologize if I get a little wordy. I read somewhere that the perfect blog length is 500 words. Any more and most ADHD people (which is all of us these days) lose interest and click away. I think the author who wrote that had some statistics to back up his assertion, but it was a long article and I lost interest half way through.

So folks, I apologize. I got nothing today. Just a deep doggie sigh, and another cuppa’ Joe. Peace.


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