Rain out

Today’s post has been postponed due to rain. It will be rescheduled at a later date as a day-night doubleheader.

Sorry about all the baseball stuff the past week. These things kind of go in spurts. At the beginning of winter it was Hockey posts, now that its spring it has turned to baseball. I’m sure I will run out of material in the next few weeks, and go back to telling stories about waitress I dated in Paducah, Kentucky back in 1990, or this girl I knew at summer camp in the 5th grade. You know, the kind of hard hitting, topical material that keeps you all tuning in to 20 Prospect.

So before I call the post, and send you all home with your ticket stubs redeemable at the rain date, here’s some fun and topical lists.

If you sell it they will come. I’m in the middle of a W.P. Kinsella book right now (“The Dixon Cornbelt League and other stories”) so this article kind of jumped out at me. As I’ve said before, a guy could do a lot worse than settling in Iowa. Good people, cheap land, lots of pork products, what more could you want? Maybe I’ll have to check out the asking price.

Of course, another place with cheap land, and good eats is my old Western New York home. I came across this article today too, which really made me smile for the colloquial use of the word freakin’. One of the things I find the most endearing about Buffalo is the way they cut the “g” off of the ends of words.

photo courtesy of The Buffalo News

In this case, I think they are about 40 years too late. This request probably should have been made to the Kennedy or the Johnson administration. Now it’s kind of like closing the barn door after the horses have got loose

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