Happy Birthday!

Morning on the Porch

It’s mornings like this that make the winter’s in Minnesota bearable. After a cool start to May, we have finally hit our stride. It’s been in the mid 70’s all week, and looks to continue for at least another. Bright orange sunshine, cobalt blue skies, and cool evenings when the temperature dips down to 50 degrees. These are the classic Minnesota days, with a 30 degree temperature swing, and no humidity. A nice day to fill up a cuppa’ joe and sit on the front porch. So pull up a rocker, because today is a special day.

20 Prospect is celebrating it’s first birthday. In the past year I have managed to crank out a heck of a lot of stories, and embarrassing personal details for all the world to read. Why? I still have no idea. All I know is that I am enjoying pretending to be a writer. I think it’s good, and cheap therapy, and I have no intention of stopping.

Although, I have to admit, these past two weeks it’s been really hard to sit down and write. Maybe it’s the weather, or maybe it’s the phase of the moon, but inspiration has been hard to find. So forgive the intermission, as I cycle back down to the bottom of the great Sine curve of life. Things will start turning around soon. They always do.

Tomorrow I am heading back to good ol’ Western N.Y. This time it’s for work, as we pay a visit to one of our customers in Rochester. (One of the three remaining companies in Rochester). The trip came up suddenly, so I wasn’t able to schedule any down time to make it to Batavia and see the fam-a-lee, and bask in the springtime scents, and sights of home. Unfortunately I will be in WNY for less than 24 hours before I come back home to Minnesota.


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