Let’s play two

Another weekend comes to a close here on the front porch. The first real summery weekend of the season. The 20 Prospect clan were our usual busy selves with a piano recital and a couple of ball games to get in between church, and the usual weekend yard work.

Little Miss 20 Prospect has been taking piano lessons for 2 years now. Saturday was her second recital. This one was held at the First United Church of the Covenant, or some such make believe protestant “church”. You know the kind of place that seats about 50 people in a building that is a cross between a pole barn, and a bingo hall. Alas, they never seem to have bingo in them. What they usually do have is musical equipment. Guitars, drum sets, grand piano, amps, and a set of bongo drums. I didn’t see any trapeze, or trampoline though, and thankfully they had put the snakes back in their tanks before they started the recital.

She played beautifully, and we were very proud. I have no idea where she has inherited her musical ability from, because both Mrs. 20 Prospect and myself are tone deaf. Hell, I was so dextrally challenged that I had to drop typing my Senior year of H.S. because it was pulling down my grades. “Less yap, more tap!” Mr. Weiss would chant as I beat my fists against the keys of the old manual typewriter managing to somehow wedge my finger in between the G and the T.

Sunday was a day / night double header for 20 Prospect Jr. and his team mates. It was the make up day for the two games that were rained out 2 weeks back during our stretch of cold weather. I’m not sure how warm it actually got today, but the dewpoint was in the 70’s. The air felt like hot, wet flannel. We must have sweat off a few pounds just watching those poor boys play ball. I have to say, I was impressed they hung in there. The first game started at 3 pm, and the 2nd one ended at 8:15pm. Aside from a short dinner break, those boys spent 5 hours in that blasted heat.

They dropped the matinee, but came back to win in the nightcap. 20 Prospect Jr. was thrilled to get to pitch for the first time today. He pitched 2 innings, striking out 5 batters, and didn’t give up a walk. Not bad considering he’s a 3rd grader, and the teams include 4th and 5th graders. Old Three Fingers Brown ain’t got nothing on him.

And now the kids are in bed, and the house is buttoned up tight, the air conditioning whirring away outside while the June bugs beat their heads against the front window. Thunderstorms are popping, and I’ll probably take another peak at the radar before turning in, but it looks like they’re going to miss us to the North. With more heat and humidity forecast for the rest of the week, I’m sure our turn will come. I look forward to that first night of sitting on the porch steps, watching the tongues of lighting flicker across the evening sky. Summer has come at last.


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