Do you know the way to San Jose???

15 minutes.

The length of time between arriving in the Bay Area and being accosted by the first pan handler. I think that set a new record.

Yes, we like to think of the Bay Area as the Golden Gate Bridge, Cable Cars, and Napa Valley, but the reality is stop light panhandlers, and a motel next to the Jack in the Box by the off ramp for $160 / night. I took economics in College, and I still can’t understand how anyone can actually afford to live in the State of California. If I moved out here I might be able to pay the mortgage on a card board box under the freeway overpass.

I guess it’s just the Western New Yorker in me, but California seems to be wasted on Californians. These folks could use to spend a few February’s in Batavia to get proper perspective, and realize just how good they have it out here. Maybe then they’d clean the place up a little. Honestly, only Texas and Florida look shabbier than most cities in California. Really. You’d think they could at least pick up the trash, and sweep up around the place. Is that asking too much?

Maybe it’s the Catholic in me, but I could never be happy out here. The climate is just too nice. I’d feel too damn guilty all the time. No, I need that raw winter wind to punish me for all the things I’m sure I did wrong at some point in my life, even if I don’t remember them. I’m just not worthy enough for this kind of weather.

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