Get along little doggie. Or get two short ones.

The big news in the 20 Prospect household this week is the pending addition of another member to the clan. No, we’re not having a baby. We’re having a puppy. Well, a 1 year old stray puppy looking for a home.

Say hello to Maggie.

The woman who dog sits for us found her. She had been living in a swamp out behind Central Rentals. (The dog, not the dogsitter) She’s been living with them for 7 weeks now, and our dog sitter has decided they just can’t take on a 3rd dog, so she asked us if we wanted her.

How can you say no to this face?

We’re guessing she’s a mix of beagle and basset hound. Hound dog through and through. She fits right in with the Indomitable Moxie.

The great thing about love is you never run out. If you add a member to the family, you just make more.

It's all bunnies and rainbows... er... puppies and rainbows here at 20 Prospect

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