Twins vs. Rays

Tonight I will make my third trip to Target Field to take in a Twins game. This time it is courtesy of a close friend with season tickets. A friend with season tickets is the best kind of friend to have, second only to a friend with a boat.

As expected, with the Twins in first, and glorious summer weather, tickets are hard to come by these days. Oh for the days of walking up to the ticket window the night of a Yankees game and buying general admission seats for $9. If it was a Tuesday, Dome Dogs were only a buck. Of course, you had to sit in the sterile, stuffy, Metrodome, so there’s that. I guess my point is that now the Twins are playing outside, they are the new trendy ticket in town (move over Wild). Let’s see how well they sell in a few years when they are struggling along at 0.500 again.

Still, clueless crowd or not, there’s still no better way to spend a summer evening than this…

I’m just hoping I can find some tickets to the game when my Big Bruddah comes to town in July. Who’d have thought the Cleveland Indians would suddenly be a hot ticket? I’m not a picky guy. Left Field Bleacher seats would be fine by me.

Home of Delmon Young

I mean really, you can’t beat that view.

We’ll see what the Rays decide to wear tonight, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for the festival of stirrups they have been sporting lately. If only the twinks would follow suit.

If you can get past the dumb ass blue jerseys, this is how God meant ball players to look. Enough with the Pajama Pants!!!

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