You know you have a problem when…

Chimay? Or, she may not?

your kids start asking you “Dad, why do you always take pictures of beer?”

More importantly, why are you taking a picture of a Belgian Beer in an Irish Bar in San Francisco. Well! I’m glad you asked! Because this is a post about globalization.

Not really, but that is the topic for this week’s lesson plan that I have been working on, so it sounded like a good excuse. Let me know if you buy it.

My other favorite beverage. See, I do take pictures of other things!

The fact is it was a long day. Started with breakfast at Lori’s Diner on Powell, which a good friend of this blog tipped me off to. It beat the line up at the Hilton Restaurant and Starbucks. Then I walked several miles of trade show booths, and sat in on some interminable keynote speeches by “very important people” in the industry (ie. – overpaid), and topped it off with a customer meeting. The fact is that by 4:30 pm I had earned that beer damnit!

Well, if you call this work. Which I don’t. Mostly I feel like I am stealing money from the shareholders, I mean really? Me, managing a business? WTF are they thinking? Should I feel guilty about this, or should I feel that the shame is on them for their oversight?

Enuf kidding around. I do have to admit that San Francisco would be a great place to live if I were 20 years younger. It’s got everything a kid of 22 could possibly want out of the world. Thankfully I am 42, so I have set my sights a little higher. That and the fact that there are more vagrants per capita here than in any other city in the world have kind of soured me on any idea of ever living here. I know, you could pick worse places to choose a life of homelessness and mental illness, but it gets a bit old. This trip I have followed the local custom of wearing my iPod when walking the streets so that I can pretend to drown out the pleas for assistance. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. It’s kind of like starring in your own music video. And if you start singing, or moon-walking in public, well, then you just blend right in with the locals.

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