This can’t be good…

After posting about the possibilities of life after Muckdog baseball, I had an email conversation with Ray from the Batavia Daily News. We were theorizing on what might happen, if and when the team was sold. I had read on a Cardinal’s blog back in January, and again last Friday that for each year that Rochester Community Baseball operates the club, they gain a 5% share in the team if it is sold by the Genesee County Baseball Club. (owners of the team). This being the 3rd (and final) year of the agreement with the Red Wings parent organization, their share would amount to 15%. At an estimated value of $3-5 million, a sale would just about offset the half million in operating losses incurred in the 3 years of operation.

I began to wonder who & or what the “Genesee County Baseball Club” is exactly. I assume it is a non-profit set up to operate the team. So I decided to put my “mad googling skillz” to work. Low and behold, I stumbled across something that cannot be a good sign. The Genesee County Baseball Club Inc. canceled their trademark registration of the Muckdog logo on July 17th. Now, the Muckdog logo, as I mentioned before, has been one of the few money makers for the team. By licensing this trademark image to Little Leagues across America, the team has been able to create a revenue stream beyond gate receipts. So the news that they would cancel the trademark, is alarming indeed.

Here’s the link to trademark news

No Longer Trademarked

Now before I jump to conclusions here, I do have to point out that just because the Trademark is no longer registered, it does not mean that the club has no right to the logo. By using the logo, and marking it with the little “TM” the club would still retain common law rights to the use of the logo, and stop others from using it. Another possibility is that the mark may have been applied for again in a separate application, or is being changed in some way. (changes would have to be covered by a new application). Further research beyond the means of this humble blogger is required to determine whether this mark is truly abandoned in commerce. How ’bout it news guys? Can you pick up the trail from here?


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