Rolling on the River

Cleaned a lot of plates in Memphis…

well, if you call downing a cheeseburger at the Arcade as “cleaning a lot of plates” than yeah, guess I have. But this isn’t a post about Graceland. It’s a post about being graced to live in this land of 10,000 lakes, and a few awesome rivers.

Low water in '09

As we did last summer, the 20 Prospect clan loaded up the kayak and spent an afternoon paddling on the St. Croix River. There are few better ways to spend a sunny summer afternoon, than a lazy paddle between White Pines covered bluffs, watching hawks circling overhead on currents of air.

To add to the adventure this year, we brought along the Indomitable Moxie, and Maggie the Wonderdog. It was the first time in a boat for either one of them, and they did great with it. Except for when Maggie the Wonderdog decided to switch boats to be with Moxie & Mrs. 20 Prospect. I think she was surprised to find the water was over her head. Lil’ Miss 20 P screamed and broke into tears, and I just calmy reached in and plucked her out of the water soaking wet. She had quite the look of shock on her furry face.

The river is quite a bit higher this year than it was last July. The little sand bars in the middle of the river, and along the shore were under water, so there were few good spots to get out and play. Not that it stopped the locals from playing. Saw lots of groups of teens and twenty somethings with canoes lashed together, enjoying a cooler of beverages, and a swim. Also saw some of said kids jumping off of 60 foot cliffs into the river. Jeepers. Was I ever that dumb? Wait, don’t answer that.

Moxie, chillin on the St. Croix

By the end of our 2 – 1/2 hour paddle, the pups had settled down, and finally decided to take a nap. Just in time to take out in Osceala, and play in the park while I rode the shuttle back up river to retrieve the family truckster.

Maggie decided she likes kayaking

With our annual vacation in the U.P. quickly approaching, the paddle sure got us in the mood for the Northwoods. Lot’s of packing to do, and a trip to PA and New Jersey to squeeze in before we leave, but it will be here before I know it. Maybe this will be the year we decide to stay up there, and not come back.

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