No, this isn’t the nose of a P51 Mustang. It’s the view out my window of the little puddle jumper I took from Philly to Allentown, PA. A town that will be forever ruined for me because of that crappy Billy Joel song.

My meetings tomorrow are over in New Jersey, somewhere north of Princeton. Not quite an hours drive east of here. It used to amaze how far apart everything is in the Midwest. Now it amazes me how close together everything is in the East. I guess it’s understandable. I have live in Minnesota almost as long as I did at the original 20 Prospect, even if I don’t identify myself as Minnesotan. In fact I feel more affinity with the fun loving Germans and Norwegians in Wisconsin. Those folks know not to take life too seriously. Maybe someday Minnesotans will figure it out too.

As you may have noticed I have added a link to officially licensed 20 Prospect merchandise. Yes, I have sold out and officially jumped the shark. Well, not really. I thought the Zazzle link would be kinda fun. Although I may just have to buy myself the coffee mug and the "book deal" T-shirt. Life’s too short not to have a little fun at your own expense.

I swear my ears are still buzzing from that damn propeller. My god, I have got to find a job that doesn’t require travel. It’s gonna kill me yet. Are there any jobs left that don’t require travel, or have we officially globalized everything? When can we start localizing things? I’d really like not to have to get in a stinking airplane again. (and I do mean stinking. 95 degrees and no AC on the puddle jumper)

But enough whining! As Scott pointed out in yesterday’s comments if I freed myself from my dark corporate overlords what the hell would I write about? (I mean besides the girl that dumped me in 8th grade.)

Oh, it pays the bills for now I guess. At least until I get that book deal 😉

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