Where is everybody?

Over the past few weeks the traffic to this blog has dropped in half. I am as puzzled by the decline, as I was puzzled by the increase last spring. Aside from the 5-6 loyal readers who come here out of obligation, I will never understand where this traffic comes from. Such are the mysteries of the internet.

Perhaps the creation of my “Corner Store” on Zazzle was a signal that I had “sold out” and gone commercial. Or maybe 20 Prospect jumped the shark?


Whatever the reason, I will not stand idly by while my ratings decline. That’s why starting next week, I’ll be welcoming a special guest poster to 20 Prospect. My cousin Oliver.

Special Guest Blogger Cousin Oliver arrives next week

Look forward to all new hi-jinks and adventure, as Oliver adjusts to life in the 20 Prospect household!


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