Dog Days

Jeezus it’s hot. Have I mentioned that I don’t like the heat? Yeah, I thought so. It’s a slow and easy start to the morning here on the front porch. The Peace Coffee is brewed, the Indomitable Moxie and Maggie the Wonderdog have secured the perimeter, and I am in the rocking chair soaking in the sights and sounds of morning at 20 Prospect. They don’t call these the dog days of summer for nothing.

Maggie the Wonderdog

Look! Over there! A sqwerl!

For a dog that was living in a swamp before we adopted her, you’d think Maggie would be used to other wildlife. Instead she can sit mesmerized for 20 minutes just watching a sqwerl climb the tree in the front yard. She doesn’t bark. She doesn’t chase. She’s just sits there transfixed, thinking “sqwerl, sqwerl, sqwerl, sqwerl, sqwerl, sqwerl…”

Huh? Did you say something boss?

Moxie on the other hand launches herself off the porch barking at the top of her lungs. “Insolent Rodent! Out of my yard!”. They make a very interesting pair.

Trouble Squared

Yes, I’ve become one of those bloggers that writes about and posts photos of their dogs. Gripping stuff. I’m sure you are on the edge of your seat.

Sorry about that. Back to the weather… did I mention it was windy?
Mary? Mary Poppins?
That is our umbrella from the back deck, twenty feet up in the neighbors cedar. Good thing I wasn’t holding onto it at the time.

OK, maybe the dogs were a little more interesting. To be honest, I’ve always been kind of partial to the blog posts about dogs. The Pioneer Woman’s posts on her Basset Hound Charlie are pure gold. And James Lileks has written about Jasper Dog for so many years I think I am going to shed a tear when the old boy passes on. So I consider myself to be in good company.

Sqwerl! Sqwerl! Sqwerl!

What is it about dogs that can make them seem more human than some of the people in our lives? Is it their innocence? Their sincerity? The way that they are always living in the moment?

All of the above. Sometimes I think they could teach us a lot.

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