Minnesota State Fair Photo Journal

Welcome to the great Minnesota Get Together! As I said before, the MN State Fair gets me all geeked out, so I thought I would share my fair experience this year in photos. Unfortunately, technology has not discovered a way to make them Scratch-n-Sniff, because to truly experience the fair you need to use all of your senses.

Let’s begin at the Main Gate. Don’t ask me why I took the picture of the entrance from inside. Makes it look like the exit, but trust me we have just arrived.

Mrs. 20 Prospect would like me to point out that she is not the woman standing in the photo. In fact, I have no idea who the woman in the photo is, although I am positive she would be thrilled to learn her picture is on the internet.

Lil’ Miss 20 Prospect wanted to ride the Sky Ride this year, so I let myself be talked into it. Fear of heights, and OCD fears of dropping something be damned!

They don’t call it Machinery Hill for nothin’. Just in case you forgot why, they made sure to bring along plenty of machines to remind you. As an engineer, these old steam powered tractors simultaneously fascinate, and scare the bejeebers out of me. I wouldn’t want to be within 50 feet of one that was running for fear of a boiler explosion. How I spent 4 years of my life working in coal plants with a deathly fear of heights, fire, and steam, I have no earthly idea.

Aaaaaiiiiiieeeeee!!!!!! What was I thinking????????????????????

Where is everybody? Apparently 6 o’clock on a cool Wednesday afternoon is the perfect time to be at the fair. Much nicer than a sweltering Sunday afternoon, when walking is like body surfing through the greasy mass of humanity.

The MN State Fair Grandstand is over 100 years old I believe. They used to have horse races, car races, and other cool stuff in here. Man, what I wouldn’t give to see an old fashion Locomotive Collision. You just can’t get entertainment like that anymore. Unfortunately, they ripped up the race track about 10 years ago, to add seating and make it more intimate for the big concerts. Hmmm… I’m thinking Weird Al Yankovic isn’t going to sell out tonight.

Looking towards the Midway as evening comes on.

Twilight on the Midway. I guess we’ve found where everyone was hiding.

Shooting the machine gun is always the highlight of the fair for 20 Prospect Jr.

Sigh… the balloon game always brings back wistful memories of my summer as a carny…

“Come One! Come All!” – The infestation of giant rodents continues to be a problem at the fair. Actually, I saw a sweatshirt with the State Fair Gopher on it. I’m kicking myself for not buying it.

And so ends another year at the fair. Thanks for coming! Drive safe!

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