I Will Survive!

Well we made it 5 whole days without Mom in the house. We haven’t had any tears since day 2, except mine, but those don’t count. Tonight we will be picking her up from the airport. Right after we get done cleaning the house. What a mess. It was a heck of a party, and thank you all for coming. Unless you were the one that threw up in the downstairs bathroom. I’ve now discovered the limits to the magical powers of Febreeze.

I have a new found respect for single mothers. Sisters, I don’t know how you did it. Mine are old enough to bathe and dress themselves and I still felt like I never stopped running. When do you find time to get to the grocery store, much less cook? Thank god I was born a man. I’m not tough enough for motherhood. It doesn’t get any easier after you’ve squeezed the bowling ball out between your legs, does it? Not having to endure child birth is God’s greatest gift to men. That, and peeing in the woods. (That never gets old)

So starting tomorrow it is back to normal around the 20 Prospect household. The dogs will not have to spend the day at the neighbors, the kids will not have to tolerate my cooking, and I won’t have to try to remember their names. I think we’ll all be happy about that.

Thanks for stopping by! See you next week!

2 thoughts on “I Will Survive!

  1. I’m glad to see you kowtowing to the greatness of the ladies. The beam of light formerly known as your wife should be expecting a tall glass of spirits upon her return.
    Also, never underestimate the pure freedom of being able to pee with dignity in the woods. It’s not so easy for us gals. It involves lots of crouching, tree leaning and leaves of unknown origin.

  2. Agreed. Peeing in the woods is the whole reason that men hunt, fish, and camp. That and the fact that we aren’t housebroken. It’s either the woods or the garage, and the garage gets old after awhile.

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