Lost in the Maize

Ever have one of those mornings where you can’t stop yawning? Of course you have. Well, this is one of those mornings. It was clear and cold when I left for work this morning. I was at my desk before the Sun was even awake. And what a beautiful sunrise it was. The sky was baby blue, and the sun cast a pink blush over everything. On mornings like this it is so hard to find the initiative to work. These are the mornings made for sipping coffee in the window, like the folks on the coffee commercials always do.

If you came here looking for humor, or a story, you are going to be sorely disappointed. Sorry. Instead I will direct you to a hilarious screed by Patricia Marie Punker on the merits of coffee over tea. Click here. Warning, don’t sip coffee while reading or you’ll be wiping it off the monitor.

So when words fail me, I resort to pictures. Here are some pics of our trip to the Corn Maze last weekend. At some point in the last 15 years Corn Mazes have gone commercial. This one is the biggest one in the area, the Severs Corn Maze in Shakopee, MN.

I’ve never seen one of these before. This is a corn pit. A 3 foot deep pool of corn for swimming and playing it. I have to say, the adults enjoyed it as much as the kids. I’m still finding corn in my pockets.

It's like some corn cult baptism ritual

Knee deep in natures bounty. They don't let you do this at the Apple Orchard.

Kids, don't try this at home

I spotted this guy walking through the corn maze. His clothes were more terrifying than seeing a Minotaur. Good taste gets lost in the maze apparently.

See you tomorrow. It’s Friday, which is always a good time for a story.

10 thoughts on “Lost in the Maize

  1. Dude. I need a corn pit. The coolest thing I’ve ever tried to bury myself in is glitter. By the by, there are areas of your body that should NEVER have glitter in them.

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