Big in Denmark

This is puzzling me. For the past several days, there has been an increasing number of visits to my blog from people in Denmark. Now I like Denmark. Hell, I’ve even been to Denmark. In fact, I have two friends at work who are Danish. By all accounts Danes are fun loving, happy, well adjusted people.

Check it out:

Danes love me! C'mon Aussies, you're slipping down the chart!

All the more reason why I am puzzled by their visits. This isn’t exactly a blog about Denmark. Although, judging by the number of hits, perhaps I should consider making it one.

So to all my Danish visitors, let me say “Hej”! and “Velkommen til min front veranda”

14 thoughts on “Big in Denmark

  1. OK, this is starting to get creepy. Since I posted this I’ve had 16 more visits from Denmark.

    That’s the last time I let Elly post comments about Vagina Tattoo’s in Danish.

  2. Apparently you and Vapid are some sort of dynamic duo in Denmark. Minus the purple capes, wonder twin powers rings and the space monkey who does tricks.
    Either that or it’s an elaborate practical joke being played by the ruling party of Denmark.

      • Gleek is currently “helping” KeepingYouAwake type out the next great American novel and a new Age Monkey manifesto that should be done by next week.
        Forget the Danes, fear the monkey.

    • Ouch! I had forgotten that the Danish were responsible for all those little Lego blocks I step on with bare feet. How insidious they are! Clearly we are up against a powerful evil force.

      • Once they take over we will be forced to live in homes made of Legos.
        The good news for my family is that I have over ten years of extensive experience with Legos so my structure will be awesome.

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