’til the end of the day

20 Prospect Junior and I have been logging a lot of miles back and forth to hockey practices the past few weeks, listening to music. As I mentioned before, I don’t understand or trust buying music online, so I’ve been picking up CD’s at the used CD store.

I picked up a copy of one of the Kinks’ live albums from the late 70’s / early 80’s. I always forget just how many great songs they wrote over their career, until I hear them gathered up in one place.

The Law Required all British Bands to wear suits on stage. It's true! OK, not really, but it seems like it was.

When I was 9 my Big Bruddah bought a copy of one of their greatest hits compilations from the 60’s. He left it behind at home when he went off hitchhiking to find himself, and it became one of my favorites. When my friends came over after school, we’d sit in the front living room by the Console Stereo, playing chess and listening to it.

(Yes, my nerd roots run deep)

There was just something snarly, and scruffy about the Kinks that made them seem illicit to us. Maybe it was Ray Davies gap toothed grin, but they seemed more raw, and unpolished than the Beatles or other early – mid 60’s bands.

I think it was six months before Dan’l and I figured out that Lola was a man. Huh. We weren’t sure what to make of that, but we loved it anyway. By the time the group had their resurgence in the early 80’s, I had moved on to other stuff. The Kinks seemed like an uncool “oldies act”. It wasn’t until my college radio days that I re-discovered them, and realized just how influential they were on much of the punk and alternative music of the day.

I’m not sure 20 Prospect Jr. knows what to make of them yet. He’s got several old Beatle albums, but his tastes usually tend toward bluegrass, alt country, and old Hank Williams Sr. Last week he asked me to copy the Pogues onto his iPod, which surprised me. The boy has eclectic tastes.

Sorry, not much to post today, so I’ll leave you with this. Live from Providence, Rhode Island 1979, Victoria. Rock has turned into “Rawk”, but they still tear it up. Watch and tell me that Ray Davies doesn’t remind you of Replacements era Paul Westerberg.

13 thoughts on “’til the end of the day

  1. was a huge kinks fan back in the day. (can’t believe i’m using phrases like “back in the day” now. ftw.) loved their quirky, wry and witty lyrics. and yes, they weren’t as experimental as the beatles or the badass rockers the stones were, but they were prolific, and very influential.

    love me some pogues and replacements, too!

    • Ugh, I’ve been feeling old too. I realized that when I was listening to the Kinks as a 9 year old, those songs that seemed so ancient, were only a dozen years old. And now, that Pogues album that seemed so fresh yesterday, is already 25 years old. Sheesh, I’m a geezer.

  2. Now I’m callin’ all citizen from all over the world
    This is Captian America Callin’
    I bailed you out when you were down on your knees
    so will you catch me now I’m fallin’

    big hearts for the Kinks, and I’ve got to tell you even bigger ones for The Replacements.
    Although they could never be trusted live. The Replacements could either be out of this world or so drunk they couldn’t stand up much less play.

    • Yeah, I never got the chance to see the Replacements, as I moved to Minnesota in 1993. I did see Bob Stinson sitting on his stool in the Uptown Bar drinking himself to death. It’s not as exciting as you would expect.

      The stories about their drunken live shows are legendary. Like the one where they went on stage and only played the beginnings of songs, stopping 30 seconds into them. The were so young, so drunk, and so stupid I will always identify with them. I still sing along with Bastards of Young in the car on my way to work. It could be the story of my life.

  3. Sometimes I hate YouTube (because I have kids). Sometimes though I love it. Did you see this comment left for the Victoria vid? “Had front row seats to this show! Thanks for the memories!” Just thought that was so awesome!

    • Yes! I saw that comment too and thought the same thing. I always wonder what parts of my past might be recorded and on youtube. Hopefully nothing incriminating.

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