13 thoughts on “Winter arrives on the Front Porch

    • Believe it or not, I’d prefer the snow stick around until April 1st. I can handle snow, but there’s nothing more depressing than rain in the winter.

  1. So I’ve been thinking lately about moving to Minneapolis, cause some friend of mine mentioned an article that said they were one of the top ten cities to meet single guys over 30, and I know some poetry slam people there, and heated sidewalks ect.

    This picture totally kills that idea dead.

    • LOL. I grew up outside of Buffalo. Believe it or not, I prefer the Minnesota Winter’s. It’s much drier here, and once it gets snowy, it just stays cold. The other benefit is the sun actually shines in the winter time. It’s true!

      OK, sometimes it’s -20F outside but at least the sun is shining. So long as you sit in the window, you can fool yourself.

      I don’t miss the perma gloom of Buffalo. Did you know that from 1968 until 1989, the sun never shone there between the months of November and March?

      You’d like it here. But you’d miss the urban exploration. We don’t have the rust belt ruins of Cleveland up here. Unlike Buffalo there’s actually jobs, and a functioning economy, which is how I ended up out here.

  2. The picture looks beautiful but like SubWOW says, I prefer it on your porch.

    It was like 65 here to day and I am drinking in the warmth, and by drinking I mean wine.

    But since I’ve gotten back into running I am really not looking forward to being couped up inside since I can’t actually breathe in temps below 45.

    • I’m kicking myself for not stopping at the liquor store before the snow hit. The house is running dangerously low on booze. If it keeps up I’ll need you to send in a St. Bernard with a little barrel of Brandy around his neck.

  3. Wow! That’s absolutely beautiful! Looks hella cold, though. Here in Nor Cal, we start complaining when the weather hits low 60’s.

    You need to build a snowman! then take a picture 🙂 That’s my favorite thing about fresh snow… building snowmen.

    • It was a pretty snowfall. Real wet, sticky snow perfect for snow men. The trees were all covered in white and our honeysuckle bushes got flattened. But we didn’t lose any branches thankfully.

      Sadly, it is already melting. 😦

  4. Not. Accepting. This.
    Repeat after me.
    Sunkissed cheeks, flip flops, towels made of the softest terrycloth, white sand, clear blue water.

    Although, I love to ski and skate so scratch that last bit.

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