Noogie Time

Maggie: (walking into living room) Whatcha doin up there?

Moxie: (sitting on back of couch) Shhh… I’m watching the front yard.

Maggie: What for? Are there sqwerlz out there?

Moxie: No, I’m looking for the cat from next door.

Maggie: Wanna Play?

Moxie: Not right now. I’m very busy.

Maggie: C’mon, let’s play.

Moxie: I said not right now.

Maggie: Got anything to chew?

Moxie: No! Now go away.

Maggie: (turns, starts walking away, hides behind couch)

Maggie: (leaping through the air) “Superfly Snuka Off the Top Ropes!”

Moxie: (tumbling onto floor) AAIIIEEEEEEE!!!!! Get off of me you cow!

Maggie: Noogie time! Noogie! Noogie! Noogie!

Moxie: Ow! Stop it! Help Mom!

Maggie: Noogie! Noogie! Noogie!…

17 thoughts on “Noogie Time

    • I’d tell you to swat them on the butt with a rolled up newspaper, like I do, but I wouldn’t want to get you in trouble with Child Protective Services.

  1. I am an overprotective bitch. I don’t even allow my husb to tickle the kids since I consider it a form of torture… But of course, nobody ever listens to me in this house.

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