5 thoughts on “Over the river and through the woods…

  1. I hope your Nana was as kick ass as mine was while she was alive. Dewars on ice with a side of Sicilian curse words.
    Anyway, enjoy the holidays and get some of that great family time we all talk about but really don’t want.
    Okay maybe that’s just me being bitter because all our relatives are downstairs killing hookers and pimps during an ADULT session of Grand Theft Auto while the kids jump rope in the backround.
    My Nana just rolled over in her coffin because I said “hooker” and “pimp” in the same comment where I mentioned her.
    Now I promise to put the wine bottle away and go to bed.
    My Nana is SO going to haunt me tonight, AND she’s going to throw a Dewars bottle at me again.

  2. why do i get the sense that your nana was joan crawford.

    and why does my droid suddenly not have caps or question marks

    how do i turn off e e cummings mode

    fricken technology. you just cant trust it. nana was right about you kids with you ipods and nintendos and your pimps and hookers.

    where s my dewars

  3. mine was more concerned with her fireballs chasing her around. Yep, batshit crazy, but friggin adorable. Old Greek women are awesome! You have a safe trip and drink lots of……..wait, your Catholic, nevermind, I need not finish this sentence. 😉 Happy Thanksgiving dear!

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