Caution: Mojo at Work

This is the point in the year when life goes into warp speed. The carcass of the Thanksgiving Turkey is still in the garbage bag, but already Christmas seems mere days away. School functions, work, kids sports, business trips and a myriad of other obligations will drop like snowflakes from the leaden sky. Add to it all that I signed up to teach 2 courses concurrently in December and January, and it is likely to be February before I come up for air.

I’m not saying that I won’t be posting as much on the blog, but I’m not, not saying it either.

Lately I’ve been working hard to get my mojo back, but I’m not really sure what mojo is, or if it comes in different sizes and flavors. If I does, I’d like a Grande Double Fudge Chocolate Mojo. Or maybe a Maple Nut Mojo. Maple always tastes better at the holidays.

Sorry, digressing…

There was a spell near the end of summer where writing became very hard. However, as the frequency of my posting this fall had shown, the joy of writing has returned in a big way. So even though I will be stretched thinner than Phyllo dough (mmm… strudel) I have a feeling I will be making time to post.

When the mojo is working, you just can’t help but let it out. Just ask Muddy Waters…


25 thoughts on “Caution: Mojo at Work

  1. My mojo is peppermint hot chocolate flavored and probably molded over by now. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen it!

    As for yours, like Austin Powers, it’s always been there! It’s just a stupid feather, Dumbo. You can fly! Really!

    • Mmm… Peppermint & Chocolate. Reminds me of a Grasshopper Malt. That’s a Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, & Hot Fudge malt. OK, this comment thread is making me hungry.

  2. My mojo is pink. Figure that out and you have solved one of lifes great mysteries.
    Your mojo is 70’s flavored, but in a good way. Like Moncheechee!!!!!

  3. having lost my fun recently, i can totally relate. perhaps i should try some mocha mousse, strawberries and champagne?

    you keep that mojo working. what would i do without your posts? you wouldn’t want my fun to slip farther away from me, would you? (guilt works on my mojo, too, i hear.)

  4. Have you ever tasted something and it was sweet and delicious and wonderful and it made you think of something but you couldn’t quite place what it was? Yeah……..that’s the effect my pink mojo has……. 🙂

  5. 1000th comment, eh? Since I have amassed wealth and power and recognition in my long and impressive career, I do not need another prize. I heard that there is this young feisty lady who rather fancies my portrayal of Mr. Thackeray. How about you give her the prize instead. Just don’t make it anything sexual. Unless it is from Johnny Depp.

    • Sir Sidney,

      If you run into subWOW in your travels around the interwebz, please let her know that we miss her here on the front porch.

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